Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome ALDI, Inc!

The Beverage Group welcomed a new customer in August: ALDI, Inc.
While new to our beverage group,  they have been an established customer of Kahiki Foods.  ALDI is headquartered in Batavia, Illinois, just west of Chicago. Employees number 3,000 with 200 at their headquarters location. They opened their first store in 1976 with a “no frills” food shopping philosophy growing to 1,200 stores in thirty-two states in the mid-west and east. ALDI has a foreign parent: ALDI  KG, Essen, Germany.

We have five authorized items: fridgepacks & 2L for Coke & Diet Coke
plus fridgepaks for Sprite for thirty-nine store locations as follows:

            Buffalo            19                    Lehigh             4
            Cleveland        15                   Chester            1

During the first half of August, we sold $100,000 of Coca-Cola products
to these stores.  While purchase orders are not required, our customer requested additionally that:

1)      delivery ticket left at store does not show pricing
2)      product quantities should be shown in both cases & units

Using our dispatch, masterfile, & chain reporting, we were able to meet these requirements.

We are doing Edi/ electronic invoices thru CBS’s Consolidated Invoice service. Payments to suppliers have been trending six days beyond terms; our credit terms have been set at net 21 days.

Welcome ALDI!

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